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philosophy on superheroes and demigods

It's odd, really.  I've read three series within the last few years about Greek demigods or their descendants in the modern world.

And in every one, the characters are superheroes. 

Is this in Greek myth?  No it is not.  The Greek demigods are fully human beings on a grander scale.  Hercules is immensely stronger than ordinary men -- most demigods are, if not on quite a Herculean scale -- but ordinary men can be strong.  Orpheus can sing animals to peace and to soften the heart of Hades, but ordinary men can sing.

Hmm - except Dionysus, who had a mortal mother. 

But the demigods of modern fantasy are all superpowered, with abilities that no human can duplicate even in miniature.

Ah, the mixing of mythos.
Tags: characters, reading, research, world-building: metaphysics, world-building: religion

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