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Ah, the rambles of reading. . . a few weeks back, one webcomic I read had a discussion about what you could read once you got through the archives of that comic. . . and one recommended . . after some reading, and some dropping as not quite worth reading through the archives, I can recommend a few.

All fantasy, more or less, as it turns out.  But a lot of different subgenres.

Rusty & Co.  The D&D adventures of a group consisting of -- well, a mimic, a gelatinous cub, and a rust monster.  Plus whatever humiform female they manage to acquire on any particular adventure -- there's been a number of adventures and quite a number of such characters, plus a wide array of how she gets involved.  I particularly admire the angel-and-devil-on-the-shoulders here. (Starts here.)

Impure Blood  A gladiator, not entirely human, receives an offer to escape if he will help in a search.  Which rapidly precipitates him in a maelstrom of conflicting agendas.  (Starts here.)

Wooden Rose  A Victorian tale featuring two sisters living by an enchanted woods, and the mysterious stranger who meets them.  I particularly like the art.  (Starts here.)

Roza:  The Cursed Mage  We meet her trying to rescue a horse-prince, with, or despite of, her enchanted blood.  Her search leads her to a sparrow knight and more curses, and knowledge of curses.  Also has lovely art.  (Starts here.)

Strays  Meela, a feral girl, has her fire and life interrupted when a bounty hunter's hunt goes through them.  She attaches herself to him, and manages to be both bratty and touching.  There was a bit of drag when that got monotonous, but a new character has entered and sent him on a new mission and brought along Meela.  (And she dreams.) (Starts here.)
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