marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

No Earthly Sunne

No Earthly Sunne by Margaret Ball

Ellen is dreaming again. . . .

When studying Rennaissance music at college, she suffered a nervous breakdown, starting to argue with the professors about who had written works, and it had started with dreams like these, of Elizabethean times.  She dropped the studies for computer programming and now is industriously at work at a computer project out to model the world.

And now the dreams are back.

But a strange young man who can heal headaches and persuades nevertheless gets her and her friend Bethany into a compeitition to sing the parts of a masque -- the masque she had been dreaming about.

And it weaves on into a tale involving the -- ehem -- Good Folk.  Also the stone age arrows, an SCA event, children's books, a heroic sacrifice, lies, treachery, and backstabbing, a maze with Fibonnacci numbers, and a computer simulation in a plot that has taken four centuries to come to fruition.
Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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