marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

of clouds and rain

There are few sights in nature more dramatic than when the sunlight, slanting  from the horizon, strikes a tree but not at all the lowering thunderclouds in charcoal blue behind it, so the full sunlight sculpts the tree into radiance.  Helps when the wind is frothing up the leaves, partly because that turns up the leaves' silvery underbellies.  Or when they are still new, sprightly green, not quite the spring green but still less sober than summer green, because it sharpens the chiaroscuro.  Also helps when it thunders. . . .

Thick clouds and bright sunlight indeed can produce all sorts of chiaroscuro in green as they cast shadows and light over the hills.  Can be funny when the sunlight hits only a yellow traffic sign and not the greenery about; makes the yellow look almost unreal.

And places along the highway that were stark cliff-faces during winter, in beige and drab brown, now show all manner of green, as tenacious plants find footing.  The daisies are growing thickly in the grass, and managing to look bright even under a dreary sky.  With the wild mustard also growing in stands -- the same yellow as the. brash dandelion, but rather more ethereal.  Perhaps it's the lacy effect of the little flowers, rather than the compact splotch of yellow.  Or maybe it's that wild mustard doesn't take over everywhere!

Rain drumming on the roof in a cloud burst can be a pleasant  rumble, as long as you do not think of consequences, even in a rainy stretch.

How the birds chorus after a downpour -- not like the spring migrations, but dozens of different songs as they each sing their little hearts out.

Some clouds are truly intricate, full of hollows and rises, as many as a tree at a distance, so that the leaves are not distinct but still give form to the tree.  Except that in a tree they will follow a form, either a roundness, or extended boughs in a branching pattern, but a cloud can tower and form no given shape -- though it will not have gaps, as a tree may have between boughs.

All the more striking when next to some of the hazier sorts of clouds, like cotton fluff -- especially when they are luminously white, lit from within by suffused sunlight.
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