November 20th, 2008

A Birthday

philosophical meditations on Ciaphas Cain

'cause aesthetics is still a branch of philosophy.  0:)

Warhammer 40000 is, of course, a wargame.  Which means that a lot of the religion world-building in the Ciaphas Cain books can't be attributed to Sandy Mitchell.  And being a game, they want to set out lots of options for the sort of campaigns and characters the gamers want to play, which encourages thinking on a large scale.

OTOH, merely being a campaign setting doesn't necessarily encourage good world-building, just good for playing.  On the contrary.  I have told people whose stories I critted "I can hear dice rolling."  Many D&D settings, for instance, have such absurdities as the characters worshipping only one god, with a limited sphere of influence, when they have wider interests.

So, the Warhammer religion as depicted here has its interesting points. 

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