November 23rd, 2008

A Birthday

Fruits Basket

This is an incomplete review, as I haven't read the entire series.

This is because the entire series has yet to come out in English.  I had to wait for 21 for several weeks, and 22 won't be out until March.

I'm waiting.

(There are !26! in all.  I will be waiting quite a bit.)

Our orphaned teenaged heroine, Tohru, is living in a tent when the people whose land she's living on discover it and insist on having her stay in the house.  While there, she learns they are under a curse:  if they are hugged or hug a member of the opposite sex, they turn into an animal.  Thirteen members of the family are thus accursed -- one for each member of the Chinese Zodiac, and the cat.  (It tells the legends for why.)  And at this particular house, the Dog, the Rat, and the Cat all live. Although they can erase memories, they let her stay and remember.

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