July 3rd, 2009

A Birthday

The Druids

The Druids by Ronald Hutton.

This book actually will tell you quite a bit about what is known about the ancient Druids:  rather little, actually, and much of the evidence admits of many interpretations.  Not that that stopped anyone from confidence.  Which you will learn about in rather more detail, because it is the main subject of the book:  the fascinating subject of what modern people have done with the idea of Druids.  The ancient Druids are brought to explain what, if anything, actually substantiates the various types of druids, which gives it another interest, in watching how evidence can be put together, and picked apart, in support of various historical theses.  It also discusses the evolution of ideas about pre-history, including how the Druids came to be viewed as the latest of pagan religions in Britain, but also in the context of discussing the types of treatment the Druid has gotten, over the centuries.

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