January 10th, 2010

A Birthday

Gunnerkrigg Court

"Within the first week of my attendance, I began noticing a number of strange occurrences. The most prevalent of these oddities being the fact that I seemed to have obtained a second shadow."

Gunnerkrigg Court (here -- the story starts here) is a fantasy/SF cross-over webcomic, which involves a rather odd school and features the past of Antimony, our heroine, plus shadows, robots, birds, a class project involving Greek Mythology, robotic birds, things bigger inside than outside, stopping alien invasions, psychopomps, Coyote, and other stuff.

Usually when you do a fantasy/SF cross-over you have to segregate them, so the logics don't contaminate each other.  Or -- as Gunnerkrigg Court does, you can crank up all the tropes and make them run on being cool.

And it's an interesting sort of episodic.  You have stories, self-contained and well-plotted.  Except that sometimes they also are set-up for the future.  But you can't tell when they are stand-alone and when not.  Especially since the comic's still in progress so anything in the past that hasn't had an influence yet may yet.