June 29th, 2011

A Birthday

collision, change, conflict

conflict, conflict, conflict -- it's the lifeblood of story -- put your characters' motives on collision course with each other or with anything else that can oppose them, and don't give them long on the course before it happens.  (Why Socialist Realism was so much more fatal to literature than to painting and sculpture.)

So, does this have conflict?

Looks so in isolation -- arresting someone is serious business, and both sides are determined.  However, what it is is characterization of many members of the Watchers as capable of arguing forever.  There's been some variation in the arguments offered, from the base ingratitude involved after he saved their lives, and the pragmatic consideration that arresting him would be a challenge, probably dangerous, especially since some of those arguing against it have made it clear that they will fight, too.

Here, they are not colliding, which is the pith of conflict, and they aren't colliding because nothing is being changed.  Something as simple as changing the arguments used will work.  But it has to keep on changing.