February 7th, 2012

God Speed


Servants, servants, servants. . .  there were a lot of them, historically, and they would logically clutter up the scene in many situations for many characters, particularly in eras when a certain social position is necessary to effect many things necessary for many plots. 

Or, of course, the characters can be servants themselves.
So she went along and went along and went along, till she came to the end of the wood, and saw a fine castle. So there she hid her fine dresses, and went up to the castle gates, and asked for work. The lady of the castle saw her, and told her, ‘I’m sorry I have no better place, but if you like you may be our scullion.’ So down she went into the kitchen, and they called her Catskin, because of her dress. But the cook was very cruel to her and led her a sad life.
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