September 29th, 2012

God Speed

story-eating world-building

By which I do not mean that world-building, too, can be a form of vacuuming the cat --- which I kinda take for granted.

No, what I mean is when a writer goes to tell a story, often retelling a story, in, say, a SF future.  The problem is that the social hierarchy required is not -- futuristic.  Indeed, it's rather more often seen in the past than in the present.  Or perhaps it requires that there be servants.

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religious strife

Ah, religion and conflict. . . . the claim that religion caused most wars seems to be either hyperbole or produce by stretching the meaning of "religious war" past all recognition, but it's caused a good number, and there are other conflicts too -- such as the riots during the Iconoclast controversy, or the execution of Socrates for impiety.

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