February 26th, 2013

Golden Hair

Velveteen vs. the Junior Super-Patriots

Velveteen vs. the Junior Super-Patriots by Seanan McGuire

Being a collection of short stories about the erstwhile superheroine Velveteen, who can bring dolls and stuffed animals and other such toys to life.  She left the West Coast Junior Super Patriots on her eighteenth birthday to escape their Marketing, and, after several years lurking, is heading toward Oregon.

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Gibson Girl

I wrestle with the law

Not fight, mind you, just wrestle.  I have already worked out the backstory of the relevant law that my heroine will get someone to look up on her behalf.  And the law is in place.  Another Mad Scientist madly did this experiment before -- it backfired badly -- and the king involved that time not only made laws for his own kingdom, he persuaded other kingdoms to follow his lead.
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