October 10th, 2013

Golden Hair

Year of the Unicorn

Year of the Unicorn by Andre Norton

I think this is the first Witch World novel I read.  It may even be the first Andre Norton book that I ever read.  And even though it's the third Witch World novel, Witch World is like Discworld; a bunch of stories that happen to have the same setting.  Within the setting there are sequences it's best to read in order, but Year is the beginning of such a sequence.

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autumnal hours

Along the highway, one tree, on a rocky slope, has turned bright yellow. Another, a ways long, had start to blush a soft orangish red amidst others still emeralds. From my window, I see a tree that is turning yellow as well -- ah, autumn arrives in August. As usual. As if on cue, the next day, yellow trees speckle the way.

The green is bright but it's lying absolutely smooth and flat on the ground, beneath the boughs, like a mirror, reveals that it is not undergrowth but algae that have engulfed a pool.

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