March 28th, 2014

Reading Desk


Ah, Freefall.  If you're not reading this comic, I recommend it.  Start it here.

And if you have been reading it, you want to catch up before you read this.  Because the spoiler is enormous --
[Spoiler (click to open)]
All the mystery about Dr. Bowman suddenly appears as misdirection, because finally we know his biggest secret.  And in spite of learning of the existence of intelligent chimpazees, and their psychology -- why, there are so many more humans of such bad character that I doubt that anyone guessed that Dr. Bowman was not human.

Such wonderful, wonderful, wonderful set up and foreshadowing, and such an astounding reveal.

And he caps it all with the perfect punchline.  "Somehow, you expected me to be taller."  Which manages to underscore that we did have expectations, without realizing it, despite the way the comic talked at length about how little was known about Dr. Bowman.  And be funny as well.

Such a wonderful comic!