July 1st, 2014

Architect's Dream

tidbits cross time

Among the Commanche, minor theft was consider beneath the notice of a proper warrior.

A one-armed soldier petitioned Louis XIV for a penison. when Louis answered, as usual, "I shall see," the soldier returned that if he had said that to the general who had ordered him to the place where he lost his arm, he would not have lost it and would not be petitioning for a penison. (He got it.)

Until the 1950s, prices in the United States were often advertised "slightly higher west of the Rockies" -- because they would be. No Interstates affected shipment.
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Golden Hair

The Fairies in English Tradition and Literature

The Fairies in English Tradition and Literature by Katharine Mary Briggs

An overview.  Assumes your basic knowledge of the facts, like the fluttery flower fairies are not the original conception.  Indeed, she is careful to point out that the tiny fairies are indeed part of the tradition, as one of the oldest recorded accounts, of beings called Portunes, make them an inch high.  Not that that size was commonplace.

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Golden Hair

Grandfather Tales

Grandfather Tales: American-English Folk Tales by Richard Chase

A collection of tales from North Carolina and Virginia, retold, wrapped in a frame story of an evening telling tales, with a few other chapters of folkloric elements.  Chase himself took to tell such stories many times before he decided which version to present.  With notes about where he collected them, what tale types, and other things.  Like why he wrestled with putting in "Like Meat Loves Salt".
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