April 4th, 2015


snow and flowers

Heaps of snow everywhere, turning out of the parking lot is a peril to life and limb -- but as I stop to shop at noon, I see a whole paddling of mallards, with their blue patches on their wings, the males all green headed, and the females with their speckled backs, pecking away at some bread crumbs on the snow. Ah, a sign of spring, migrating birds -- not likely to be another, I thought -- but when I drove home, while the turns were still a menace, and my east-facing front garden is a heap of snow still nearly as tall as I am, the south-facing one has much melted away -- so much I can see sprouts! Little and green and poking up through the dirt, and leaving me to ponder whether they are crocuses or the early irises.

On the still leafless tree, the rainfall has left globes of water hanging here and there from the boughs. When the sunlight shines on them, they gleam like clear diamonds, among the mists turning golden with the sun.

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