November 20th, 2016

Golden Hair

The Rape of the Lock

The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope

a satiric poem overdramatizing an incident where a young man cuts off a lock of a young woman's hair.

The nature of which can be nicely grasped by looking at the array of comparisons here:

But anxious cares the pensive nymph oppress'd,
And secret passions labour'd in her breast.
Not youthful kings in battle seiz'd alive,
Not scornful virgins who their charms survive,
Not ardent lovers robb'd of all their bliss,
Not ancient ladies when refus'd a kiss,
Not tyrants fierce that unrepenting die,
Not Cynthia when her manteau's pinn'd awry,
E'er felt such rage, resentment, and despair,
As thou, sad Virgin! for thy ravish'd Hair.