December 13th, 2017

Golden Hair

Ghosts and Wizards

Ghosts and Wizards: Fables and Fairy Tales from Late China by Tsai Chih Chung

A graphic novel collection of tales. Mostly anecdotes of encounters with marvelous creatures, which are chiefly shape-changing animals; two feature beings from paintings. Some tales are longer, and even the fairy tale ones are not well-known ones. (Even well-known motifs take on new form.)

Golden Hair

Spitting on Ghosts

Spitting on Ghosts: Fables and Fairy Tales from Early China by Tsai Chih Chung

A graphic novel, heavier on anecdotes of mysterious and magical beings than full blown tales.  (The title comes from the secret a ghost reveals of its weakness.)  A good number of animal shape-shifters, including a tale of a bird-maiden, and a couple of cautionary tales about romancing a strange woman you just met.  Ghosts -- more than the title tale.

The Place

All the other locations, I concluded, are getting names.  The castle, the valley, the store -- iconic, even archetypal locations, they are nevertheless not going to be The Place.

I'm not sure about the Lighthouse.  The name has to fit the status, after all.  And owing to the magic of the world, there are indeed no other functional lighthouses -- this one remaining for the enchantments that use its significance.