October 14th, 2019

Golden Hair

Minor Mage

Minor Mage by T. Kingfisher

Oliver is a wizard, with an armadillo familiar, and so, though he is young and knows few spells, his village sends him off to bring back rain, and break the drought. (As soon as his mother is gone for a time -- they are too afraid of her.)

Wounded, because he had already been packing when they arrived, Oliver sets out. Everyone knows the hills he must go to -- their last mage went there. But they do not know the perils along the way. Perils both human and nonhuman, friends, enemies, monsters, and more.
A Birthday


Hmmm. . . that's the things about series.  The events of one story set the timeline of another.

When the oldest children born to superheroes are about twelve, it therefore follows that even if the superheroes refrained in the first years, when they did not know how it would affect their children, it's about twelve years plus a little wiggle room since the heroes started to appear.

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