March 9th, 2020

Golden Hair

False Positive

False Positive: A Year of Error, Omission and Political Correctness in the New England Journal of Medicine by Theodore Dalrymple

A year of reflection on how to read medical papers. Obviously, somewhat random owing to the nature of the papers that came up. The effects of government payments to improve care. Failure to attribute responsibility in several different situations (including one complaining about the lack of autonomy for some of those it was exonerating of responsibility). Statistics and consequences.

snow and spring

Snowing. The sky all gray with cloud. Wisps of snow curling and dancing over the highway. Skeins of geese in their long interwoven lines of flight, overhead.

The day is gray, the trees leafless and drab gray-brown with pines here and there a somber green, and breaks in the cloud cover show a brilliant, vivid blue -- when down near the horizon a robin's egg blue that's paler and touched with green -- and clashing with the muted scene.
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