September 15th, 2020

Golden Hair

Virtual Unicorn Experience

Virtual Unicorn Experience by Dana Simpson

Phoebe and Her Unicorn book 12

A collection of strips, assuming only familiarity with the character's existence. Phoebe and Dakota's odd friendship over a show. Marigold's being confused over what a field trip is. Phoebe learns that unicorns put her on trial for not being a unicorn, and shows up to put in a plea, "Yeah, so?"
Golden Hair

Beyond the Clouds 2

Beyond the Clouds 2 by Nicke

The continued adventures of Theo and Mia.

He not only persuades the old man in the forest to give him a treatment for Mia but learns why it happened. Alas, they will have to find a magician who can teach her control for her to escape the peril. It involves being scolded for where they camp, Mia's fear that Theo will be injured, a pass, a fortune teller who finds lost things, and more.