December 5th, 2020

Golden Hair

Meet Mr. Mulliner

Meet Mr. Mulliner by P.G. Wodehouse

The first collection of Mr. Mulliner tales. Who, despite the reputation of fishermen for dishonesty, will assure that many fishermen are honest. He, for instance, is a fisherman and would never lie.

Which is why you can believe the tale of his uncle who won a bride because of the San Francisco earthquake, or his nephew who was cured of a stutter by being chased by a pitchfork wielding mob, and all the rest. I think "The Romance of a Bulb-Squeezer" was weak, but not the rest.
Golden Hair

Mr. Mulliner Speaking

Mr. Mulliner Speaking by P.G. Wodehouse

The second Mulliner collection, but the stories are either stand-alones, or connected to stories in this volume. Still told by that entirely honest fisherman.

Such as the romantic entanglements of Roberta "Bobbie" Wickham. As stand-alones there is the romantic effects of yellow shoes, and a golf game escape from a romance, and a man who can not escape or not escape an engagement.