December 6th, 2020

A Birthday


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Golden Hair

Mulliner Nights

Mulliner Nights by P.G. Wodehouse

The third and final (except the omnibus) dedicated Mulliner collection. Still our faithful fisherman -- though we don't have him assuring us of his honesty here, perhaps he assumes we know.

A quest for strawberries, a bishop's cat, a conflict over a murder mystery, and more in his tales. Only one alludes to a tale in the earlier volumes and it gives enough information for you to understand.
Golden Hair

The World of Mr. Mulliner

The World of Mr. Mulliner by P.G. Wodehouse

The omnibus of all the Mr. Mulliner stories. Including all those in Meet Mr. Mulliner, Mr. Mulliner Speaking, and Mulliner Nights, plus some collected elsewhere.

Mr. Mulliner assures us that there are fishermen who are honest. Such as himself. And thus frames stories about premises that were too absurd for his regular madcap comedies. (And this works better at short length.)

Besides the collected stories, there's a bunch about an insane Hollywood, a question of fires, giving a moving sermon, and more.
A Birthday

the magnetic attraction of the old

A scene's got to go. It was badly written and I decided to completely rework the approach.

I poked at it a bit this evening. This was unwise. It had a certain magnetic attraction of keeping as much as I could. . . .

Perhaps I'll kill tomorrow, in cold blood.