marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Sumer Is Icumen In

And it is too early for the leaves to be turning.

Some trees and bushes turn in August, particularly the early turners caught in stressful environments.  A drought can push it forward into July -- but not June.  Not that that matters, since it has, in fact, been a rather wet year.  The late spring wouldn't do it.  Yet sumac bushes along my route to work are turning.  Bright shades of yellow and red.  (Along the roadside, but that's not stressful enough for that.)

Rather wet, in fact.  Went to Elizabeth Park and there was this tree -- mostly sliced up now, but its stump was still half-way in and half-way out, with its roots clinging to dirt that they had dragged up when the tree toppled.

The roses were what we went for, though, and they were lovely.  There was one white rose bush where the petals remained white as the flower withered and even when they fell to the ground, and did not turn that sort of dingy, dirty shade that white roses usually do, past their prime. 
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