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It's very rare to stumble across a good webcomic the day of its dawning, or even shortly thereafter. 

Which means it has a backlog of comics.   Months, years, -- sometimes over a decade.  Even if it updated only once a week, it can be a long slog.  More than once. . . wince.

And you page from one to the next and since the button's always on the same location, it makes typing look like an unrepetitive motion.

Theoretically, if you read one more comic a week than was posted, you would catch up.  Eventually.  A slog through a few months makes much progress.  (Or even one month, or one week.  It's amazing how much reading a bit when you can't read much can move you ahead if it happens often.)  And, of course, you get into the story and it lures you on and on through the months until your wrist objects.  Strenuously, if it's a good story..  (If not, it's probably time to drop the webcomic.)

Hiatuses do give a chance to catch up.  OTOH, they mean fewer comics to read. . . .

When comments are allowed, there is often a sudden influx one day -- from one or two to dozens.  I deduce someone with a lot of traffic recommended it to some people who did like it.  Which helps explain why it takes so long to hear of them.

And then you reach the end.  Instead of a quick canter through the stories, the comics are eked out, one by one.  Sometimes not even on a regular schedule.  sigh   All good things must end.
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