marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Anastasia & Annalise

They annoy me.

I know better than to have them in one story.  Indeed, I know better than to have major characters whose names begin with the same first letter.  (Some dyslexics tell names apart by initial letter and shape,- where those are a bad pair, and some by initial few letters, where they are nearly as bad.)

However, sometimes stories have very similar names for characters.  The problem arises when inspiration strikes, and you have ideas for both of them frothing around with such eagerness to be at least noted down for the future revision.  I once had the same problem with characters named Ginevra and Genevieve, and managed to put aside one story until I was done with the other.  It kept me typing the right name.

Bright ideas are less easily put aside.  And I want to note them down and maybe use them in the future.

Tags: grumbles, inspiration, names, revision, switching stories

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