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One trick to bringing the gods on stage:  have them deliberately tone themselves down to not overwhelm the poor mortal.


However. . . .

Most writers tone their gods down considerably further than is necessary.  Disguise is a different matter, having more motives, and justifying a lot of toning down, but if the god's sole purpose is not to overwhelm, there is no reason for him to divest himself of awe and majesty.  (We shall gently overlook the possibility of writerly incompetence in rhetoric.  Causes are not justifications.)

For the god to misjudge how much is needed raises serious questions about his competence.  This is unwise.  Making the Powers That Be more foolish than mortals is not sound world-building.  They can hardly run the world if they are all born fools. That the mortal needs a clear head, or is fragile and needs more toning down than most, or the god wants him comfortable rather than coping would all work, but need more development than the bald statement.  Most uses of this technique only confirm me in my opinion that gods belong off-stage.
Tags: motivations, style, world-building: deities

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