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Recently watching some Dr. Who episodes -- and not the new stuff either.  The original, old, with the cheesy FX, the limited cast, the ramshackle plots, the noble lack of concern with world-building consistency. . . .

The new series is better for all these traits, but they are certainly having a heck of a lot less fun.  Not because of a new seriousness either -- the episodes I watched had some truly terrible death counts.  The old series had a lot less compunction about putting stuff off Earth, too, which meant more possibilities.  But a pretty lack of consistency did mean that the writers were not boxed in.  Well, not too much.  Any series has to have some boxing-in, or it's not really a series.  Still, the Dr. Who universe was something the writers used as a playground.

Then, OTOH, sometimes those kinds of romps will feel thin.  Imaginary fantasy worlds that are clearly and overtly based on some real-world era often come across as more solid than pure fantasylands.  Then, part of that is that the writers rip off quirks, oddities, and misfits based on real-world equivalents, so you get the odd effects without sacrificing the realism. . . . hmm. . . .this matter can stand a lot of pondering.
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