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At some interesting moments, where I looked out the window, over the next row of condos, to the trees.  They bent farther than any tree that size has a right to bend.

All the trees tossed in the gusts, their branches bending and their leaves turning up silvery, but it's amazing what shelter being in the midst of the buildings gave them.

Grass rippled in the wind like waves -- more impressively than the puddles, because bent, the grass blade looks silvery, even in the flat light from the clouds.

A couple of windows have bits of torn leaf plastered to them.

The worst of it was at night.  The rain would drum so heavily that it woke me up.  And then, after I got back to sleep, it would do it again.  Though it was certainly annoying that I knew it was ten degrees cooler out than in, and I shouldn't open the windows, and that the light was just a little too bright to really justify turning on the lights.  (From which you may deduce that I never lost power.)

The rain cleared out first.  The deck was dry except in patches while the wind was still gusting along, and we're still getting gusts with the sun even coming out at times.
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