marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

patterns of POV

Point of view needs patterns.  Dragging in a new POV half way through a story otherwise relentlessly in one, or perhaps two, points of view is -- not wise.

This can be interesting when outlining.

Sometimes, of course, multi-POV is a realization I make while actually writing the story -- one of those lovely little complications.  But sometimes I realize it in the outlining stage, and really it's so rough that it's hard to indicate such things.  And in outlining I may have gotten it wrong, too. . . .

Names are even more fun.  In the manuscript, of course, the names are those the POV character uses, and so switch and change between scenes with the POV.  But it feels awkward in an outline, when I am using an initial for brevity, and don't want to use differing initials for the same character. . . .
Tags: idea development, names, outlining, point of view

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