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likes, dislikes, and advice

Philosophically pondering advice given in No Plot? No Problem?.  In particularly, two lists he advises.

One is a list of things you like to have in the novels you read.  The other is a list of things you don't like to have in the novels you read.  And then he advises you to make sure you write your NaNoWriMo novel from the first list, not the second, and warns that things on the second list will always try to sneak in, trying to convince you that they are Important and Serious and like unpalatable health food Good For You.

I've generated my own lists and noticed that actually, many things I dislike don't even register on my muse's radar.  I do have to sometime watch that the story doesn't dive into politics, but most other things never try it.  Slapstick, for instance, or unsympathetic protagonists.

And things that I like -- I aim for lyrical prose, sometimes, and my heroes often turn out good, but much as I enjoy epistolary novels, I've never even tried to write one.

Write what you enjoy reading is a good rule, but not everything you read will fall in your metier, I suppose.
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