marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

sky-what eyes

So I'm off and writing about a bit part who has to appear innocent and virtuous.  Load up the metaphors -- give him sky-blue eyes. . . and at that point, I wonder, what is the color of Phainos's skies? 

Important point.  I had already decided that Pyroiedes had red skies, and Eosphorus is always cloudy -- but that left some others.  On a minute's reflection -- Tellus and Phaethon have blue skies, Phainos has violet -- and Stilbon -- Stilbon I will decide later.  As I will about Selene.  When relevant.

Though, technically it was not relevant at this point in the story.  I just gave the man baby-blue eyes and tripped merrily on.  It's a good thing I have a file where I note down details like that.  Otherwise I would forgot by the time I actually have to refer to Phainos's sky color.

It's amazing the triviality of the details that can cause you realize you need to develop something more.
Tags: local color, minor characters, style

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