marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

serial numbers

It's all very well to introduce ideas to each other.  Sometimes they click.  Sometimes they even ensure that the original notion is adequately disguised as to make a new story.

But ideas should have long courtships and long engagements before they are definitively married, in the final story.  Even in advanced drafts it is wise to remember that they can be pried apart if they do not work well together.However frustrating it may be and however much work must be sacrificed to do it.

Serial numbers may have to be filed off even if you engraved them yourself.

And what is worse is that the habit of trying to work out how to make them all play together nicely is a good habit and not one you want to give up -- but you have to keep it in abeyance while you critically consider them.
Tags: filing off serial numbers, idea development, revision

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