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In Myceanean Crete, slave names are notably different in that they were unusually likely to be ethnic (the Thracian woman) or in reference to occupations (the shepherd, the blacksmith), but in no other way.

During World War II, the Polish resistance was able to get the proofs of the main German propaganda paper in Warsaw at 8 am, which meant that the British radio could dissect it that evening even though it was released at 1pm.

The Paris Exhibition opened with an illumination of the Fairy of Electricity.

In Athens, you were supposed to free a slave at a public occasion, like a play, or a trial -- but it caused so much uproar that it was abolished.

RAF men often grew mustaches during World War II -- it held hide that they were all so young.

The London "pea souper" fogs could be literally lethal.  They racked up some fearful death tolls.

One thing that department stores changed is that unlike the butcher, the bakery, etc. -- they didn't extend credit.  You paid cash on the spot.

St. Augustine found it worthy of comment that when St. Ambrose read, he did so silently -- "his voice was silent and his tongue was still".  This is the first definite reference to anyone reading silently.

It was said of New York upper-crust society in the Gilded Age that if you had a "van" in your name, it had better not be Sullivan.
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