marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

A Book Dragon

A Book Dragon by Donn Kushner.

A little marvel of a book.  The story of the dragon Nonesuch, growing up with his grandmother, and what she taught him.  Particularly the importance of guarding his treasure.  How she left him and he learned how to grow smaller as well as larger, and how he came to regard an illuminated Book of Hours as his treasure, and what he had to do to guard it.

The interior art is something else.  It's the lovely little marginalia like that it describes in the Book of Hours that give it a particularly nice touch.

A light and frothy book.  The narrator's voice is handled well, and fills in everything you need to know of the background nicely.  Fun to read.
Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy, fiction reviews: historical fantasy, whimsy

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