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Lots and lots of lists!!!  (Warning, may cause uncontrollable giggling.)

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord, with Cellblock A and Cellblock B.  And advice for the Evil Empress.  Plus for all their henchmen -- not that the Evil Overlord wants them to read it.

But to keep them on their toes, the hero gets advice too.  And the sidekick, and the true love.  And the bystander.

And, of course, the good king

The Evil Overlord kills for fun and profit. The Good Overlord kills for the good of his nation. The "Pacifist Overlord" is more accurately described as "The Former-Overlord."

Some I don't recognize the specific story.  Like for the Evil Overlord's Beautiful Daughter,

Make a point of finding out all those lovely little family secrets so that the Hero can never spring them on you. 

Obviously a good idea, but what was the story where the Hero sprang such secrets and what were they?

And there are always additions:

Like, for Evil Cultists:  

Check out the idol to ensure it's solid and contains nothing -- techie.  This goes double for larger-than-man-size idols.  Triple if they used to talk.  And quadruple if they stopped talking at the same time that the High Priest mysteriously vanished.

Or, for the Evil Empress,

Do not slaughter all the witnesses if you want to hide that something happened.  That only works if you only want to hide the details.  Heaps of bodies tend to get noticed -- particularly if they are all your servants.

Or, for the Benevolent Overlord,

If a member of the royal family has offended you, give yourself a day before you pass sentence.  Or an hour.  Or five minutes.

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