marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Quiet Center

The Quiet Center:  Women Reflecting On Life's Passages from the pages of Victoria Magazine, editted by Katherine Ball Ross

A collection of essays on various topics by various authors.  They have in common a certain mediative tone, of things pondered deeply.  A convincing tone.

On topics from family members, to writing and reading, to what Isak Dinesen thought a flower arrangement should be, and how New York City's closest approach to a meadow is the flower market, to places, to a grandfather who never turned a tangle in his yard to a lawn because he needed paths, and a woman who gathered plants for dyes there, whom the girl thought was a witch -- a benevolent one, but still a witch -- and thought her home should be furnished with furniture from shipwreck.

A good collection.
Tags: non-fiction: essays, non-historical non-fiction reviews, primary source review, reading, writing

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