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Ecology of Fantasy Worlds

Most of this was structured about the beasts. 

Like apex predators.  They tend to be rare, and not perpetually hungry.  In fact, they usually eat a meal and sleep it off for a while.

Do dragons actually eat ore or something?  Sitting on their treasure is not really feasible.  Especially when they are that big. 

I brought up that apex predators are, after all, what we would notice, as they are the dangers.  Rabbits are nothing but local color.  Which one panelist took off on the tangent of the introduction of rabbits to Australia where they had no natural predators and consquences of disturbances.

The necessary question of where plants grow for purposes of determining where to find curative ones.

One panelist complained of the lack of herds of grazing beasts -- Edgar Rice Burroughs had them, but most writers don't.  Another panelist pointed out that that would be mostly grassland; forests have fewer.

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