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Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 3:  Reason by Thomas Siddell

The Gunnerkrigg Court webcomics once again have attained physical form!  And it looks different even from the outside.  The page preserves the black borders to the comics, so that you can see the darkness to the pages.(

(May be spoilers from volume 1 and 2 ahead.)

Like the first two, this collects story arcs, nine of them, that are self-contained.  Except that there are threads running back and forth between the episodes.  Many things that appear to be local color -- and there are a lot of odd things about -- prove to be significant later.

But it continues the adventures of Antimony at the very odd school.  The major characters were introduced earlier, but we have a simulation that ends early, the kids out on a camping trip where they hear ghost stories, robots come to Kat in hope of her being able to explain, Antimony taking a trip to the forest and seeing Coyote, Jack behaving oddly about Zimmy -- who is the strangest of the children, though we are assured that she is human for all intents and purposes -- and invading a power station, and many revelations that lead to much distress.

Much more of the back story of the Court is revealed.  As is more of Antimony's own, and her parents', and Reyardine's.

Plus, of course, the pleasure of this very odd world

Tags: backstory, fiction reviews: fantasy (other), fiction reviews: sf, graphic novel/manga, local color, plot devices, story structure

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