marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the sun is blue

And big, quite big -- not just a blue giant, but one looming in the sky. . . .

I got an explanation for that.

It would be small, if the planet were in the habitable zone of the star.  Smaller than our sun in our sky -- the smaller the sun, the closer the planet has to be and so the more arc of the sky it takes up, and the bigger the sun, the farther, and so the fewer.  I can pull it off!

The problem is that, under that blue sun, I've got a few ideas about one scene, not very dramatic.  And a character.  Possibly three if the twosome I've been poking at with a ten-foot pole come through.

Mind you, various world-building details have popped up, but none are the sort of conflict-driving ones that would yield up a story.  Just local color without characters to see it.

Getting half a story idea can be a nuisance.  When it's a setting, all the more so, unless the setting has inherent conflict.  Which they can easily avoid.  Even a problem doesn't necessarily lead to a conflict unless there's some kind of limit on how long it can go on.

sigh.  The glamorous life of the writer.
Tags: idea development, inspiration, setting (scene)

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