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Perhaps I should roll up some characters. . . .

I once read a description of "plot-driven" as a story that you would give a one-sentence summary of story without mentioning any of the characters. 

I've never written a plot-driven story.  But sometimes I get a plot-driven idea.  Like an idea I've got for a superhero universe.  A plot device idea.  One that requires, besides the two main characters (who have, indeed, shown up), an assortment of superheroes and villains.  Their specific nature does not matter.  Yet.  Later comes the art of weaving the whole story about them so it seems they were essential from the beginning. 

Perhaps I should dig up my dice and my superhero RPG stuff and see if I can roll up some powers or some such.  Not too much, because a purely random character is unlikely to cohere.  But a power or two can start things rolling. . .

Ah, developing ideas.

Tags: characters, idea development, inspiration, plot devices, plotting

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