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Ah, Michaela.  Sitting there and sulking when she meets another character.  Leading me to think perhaps you don't belong in the story at all, Michaela.

It's hard excising things from a story.  That's what happened, after all.  Even in the outlining stages.  To slice out entirely subplots, to eliminate a character from existence, to obliterate scenes -- but then, I want to get the story right in the outline so that I don't have to redo it in the manuscript.I

It's still hard.  Especially when, as in this case, it was the original idea for the story -- Michaela with her box full of broken magic -- and raises the possibility that this particular plot idea, having hopped out of the outline, will not hop out of my life but instead start to tease with the possibilites of Yet Another Story.

Ah well, I slashed a large chunk of the outline and redid the scene entirely.  That worked better.  Perhaps the threat of being eliminated entirely scared her into behavior.

To be sure, she's pondering whether she ought to be Marjorie, or perhaps another name entirely, but naming is still fluid while I'm outlining.

Tags: characters, idea development, inspiration, names

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