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further on philosophizing in fiction

Another problem with abstract ideas over moments is that the moment tend to announce their location -- beginning, middle, end.  Even when you have hashed your concept down to conflict, they do not necessarily lead to an order.

If two characters are thrashing arguments back and forth about whether democracy is a sane form of government, the arguments will arise as they occur to the characters, not in an orderly fashion like a textbook.  Indeed, if it resembles it too much, the readers may reject it as too neat and schematic.

And there may not be a good order to put them in.  Some arguments are better in sequence than in structure.

Plus, of course, the way you've still got to build complications to climax, and keep a sequence of cause-and-effect going to drive the story.  Just because you're deriving it from an abstract argument doesn't let you off on any story requirements.

Tags: dialog, motivations, story structure, theme, writing audience

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