marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the muse takes a notion

and promptly treats it like a cat toy.  Which, to be sure, is perhaps less annoying that when she takes a shine to an idea and thinks it a precious and wonderful thing. . . .

But it's amazing what reading a work about pirates can trigger.  Two ideas that had nothing to do with pirates, or each other, nevertheless linked up on a thread by thinking about that, and in a steampunk world -- and I ponder whether it would fit in the steampunk setting I've got some stories in, except no, it turns on magical words that anyone can use, and that setting requires that you can be magical but you can't use magic as thing independent of you. . . ah, the unity of worlds. . . .

And it reminds me of another story that I had been loosely thinking up and pointed out that I could use it as local color in another work where I had some truly nasty pirates -- the heroine could easily read an adventure tale rather more romantic. . . .

And the muse wants to revise Alik's story, 'cause it's got pirates.  Which has gotten to the nice, difficult-to-publish length of 18,000 -- and mind you, the muse is not yet proposing subplots that would thicken the story instead of just draw it out longer.

grumble.  The exciting life of the writer.

Tags: genre: steampunk, grumbles, idea development, local color, revision, story length, subplots

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