marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

been a while

Since I posted about my favorite webcomics.

Very well, I shall post about my favorite webcomics.  What's been fun lately. . . .

Warning:  Some of these may require prolonged archive binges to catch up.  I am shameless.  0:)

Impure Blood  Fantasy setting.  Roan, a gladiator, and not entirely human, is rescued by a man working for the mysterious organization the Watchers -- or rather by his two slaves, both of whom, contrary to his beliefs, have agendas of their own.  Roan promises to help one of them search for the last pure-blooded being of his kind, and the quest follows.

Rusty & Co.  Three monsters, realizing the relative life expectatencies in a D&D world, shift over to the adventuring side.  (Looking back, I think the first few strips may be a little misleading.  It's a lot more light-hearted than they may make it seem.  The art also shifts.)

The Specialists Superheroes set in an alternate World War II setting.  Japan has surrendered by 1946, but Germany hasn't, because of their Ubermeschen. The United States has some Specialists, working at PR and wanting to get into battle.

Thistil Mistil Kistil is a Norse Fantasy setting, where the dead Coal is set on a mission by Odin as a condition of entering Valhalla.  Would be a little more fun for him if he weren't doing it with Loki, up to his Trickster tricks.

Blue Yonder -- superheroes.  The young superhero Blue Yonder was part of a family team, except that just before the comic, his parents were attacked and taken, and in the prologue, his older sister's attempt to protect  him result in her being taken as well.  She had brought him to Claremont Apartments, which, it turns out, is the home of many older and less powerful supers, but Blue Yonder has no desire to stay when his family is in danger.

Order of The Stick Adventures in a D&D world!  This one starts out a gag-a-day before it turns into a story with arcs -- it may be better to pick up the first compliation, where he added opening strips to make it cohere

Erstwhile Faithful web comic retellings of lesser known tales from the Brothers Grimm

Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius!  Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!!!

Parallels  SF.  Keeping the spaceways safe, one universe at a time.  A new webcomic, but he's done some other interesting stuff.

Tales of the Questor  The adventures of anthromorphic racccoons in a fantasy setting.  One character asks another if he's God, and when this is denied, is -- drat -- well, it was worth a try, and sends him off with a letter to God

Freefall  An SF tale about Sam, an alien ship captain from a scavenger race, with no scruples, his childishly innocent robot Helix, and Florence, the bioengineered wolf they got for their engineer before realizing she was profoundly ethical.  Haven't finished the archive on this one, but I'm more than half through.

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