marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

worldbuilding, religions, and plenitude

One thing I miss in many world's religions is the plenitude of customs.  Even if you don't have a polytheistic religion with a vast array of gods -- and a tendency to accumulate more -- there should be an enormous variety of customs.  Different prayers.  Different rituals.  Different ceremonies.  Different places will have different holidays, and celebrate the holidays they do have in common differently.

And people will quite possibly argue over them more passionately than about theological differences.

There's certain going to a variety of tastes and consequently of other practices.  Ranging from a severe, austere, pure style, to a floridly ornate and complex one.  And probably all between.  Which are also probably going to factor into the theological differences. 

But it's amazing how few worlds even suggest any kind of variety in their practices.
Tags: local color, world-building: festivities, world-building: religion

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