marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

inscape and the lay of the land

Come to think of it, if the heroine is an agricultural wizard, and her story revolves heavily about her work in agriculture -- even if the actual conflict spring from the things she stumbles across -- it would help to have a better idea of agriculture's effect on landscape and vice versa.  If only for the descriptive prose.

Had something like this once, a character who was a gardener by hobby, and on revision of the novel, I was pleased to notice that the description of greenery chiefly came from his POV.  (I added some filigree about his noticing that flowerbeds need dead-heading.)

A boatman is going to notice how a boat would -- or would not -- float down the river sprawling there.  A builder is going to notice the buildings, and whether they are well-built, and what sorts of maintenance have been stinted on.  And an agriculturally minded wizard is going to notice northerly slopes where orchards can go, and water flow, and ditching. . .and probably lots and lots more.

You know, most works that touch on medieval agriculture deal heavily with what the men do, and not with what the farm land itself looked like.
Tags: characterization, description, local color, point of view, research, setting (interaction)

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