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In Marx Brothers films, script writers would write down "business."  That was shorthand for "Harpo does something funny."  Or sometimes Groucho, though Harpo was the best of them at improvisation.

Writers, not having actors, sometimes have to persuade the work to give up what, exactly, happens when the original idea says, "Adventures here."

Which means, alas, that the idea is not a full idea.  If you have two characters who set out (separately) to do something, meet (somehow), meet someone who can tell them helpful things, and (after they defeat the villainess) manage to undo a good chunk of the damage she caused -- you don't have an idea.  I don't even know what they do to defeat the villainess.

All very well to realize that, but it doesn't mean that the idea realizes it's not a full idea.  It can keep bounding up and being brilliant and sparkling and don't you want to write me.  sigh
Tags: grumbles, idea development, inspiration, outlining

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