marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The World's Last Night

The World's Last Night:  And Other Essays by C. S. Lewis.

Seven essays -- so to speak.  One is Screwtape's toast.

Most on religious topics, though there's a heavy touch of apologetics to them, so they aren't solely of interest to his co-religionists.  "Lilies That Fester" is about the teaching of literary appreciation and practical criticism to students not yet attending university, and the problem inherent therein.  "Religion and Rocketry" on what, exactly, we could find in space and how it could affect -- or not -- religious beliefs.  "The World's Last Night" is about the end of the world, and of this Mayan line, he would approve not at all, reminding us all that it is supposed to come like a burglar; if you knew exactly when, you would not be prepared when you should, which is all the time.
Tags: c. s. lewis, non-fiction: essays, non-historical non-fiction reviews

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