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Draw One In the Dark

Draw One In the Dark by Sarah A. Hoyt

I don't think this one qualifies, technically, as urban fantasy, because I'm not sure that Goldport is a city.  However, that's the sort of genre.  It is, however, a fair sized town, and the story opens with a dragon descending from the sky before a Chinese fast food place, and confronting youths and dragons about his displeasure about their not finding the Pearl.

So we turn the diner The Athens, where Kyrie is worried about a fellow waiter on the nightshift, Tom, who's late.  He's never late.  When she hears a noise out back, she goes out.  There's a dead body.  And a dragon standing over it, with Tom's eyes. 

And she finally has to stop pretending she hallucinates when she turns into a panther, because she does it right then.

And a third shape-shifter, a lion, also appears -- but lets them get away.  Kyrie brings them to Tom's apartment, where three Chinese triad members attempt to intimidate something out of Tom, and end up shape-shifting.  They escape to her apartment.  Where, in the morning, a police officer finds them to ask questions, since they work there, and he has eyes like the lion's.

Leading into a story of mystery and discoveries, involving a long lost father, a water tank, a box of chocolates, love at first sight, green powder,

Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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